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Beauty Rescues

Sometimes it just takes a little push in the right direction to turn a beauty rut into a beauty rescue.

Busy women don't have a lot of time for beauty. However, salon owner Trey Gillen says they shouldn't have to sacrifice style for a slammed schedule.

"When we get stuck in rut, it's great to change it up, even a little bit. Starting with a little change can really evoke a lot of change," Trey says.

Here are his suggestions for the three busy moms we featured:


  • Perfection Smooth Out for hair (salon treatment that smoothes the frizz, allows hair to still remain curly)
  • Tinted moisturizer for face
  • Soft, nude cream eyeliner for day
  • Add a darker color in the crease of the eye for night
  • Add liquid liner and lip gloss to finish this easy look


  • To bring life to dark hair, add a few subtle highlights in a slightly lighter shade.
  • An easy way to freshen up a dull hair cut is to add swoop bangs. They soften and frame the face.
  • If you're stuck in a black eyeliner rut and don't want to give it up, make it work for you in a new way.
  • Make it thicker, elongate your eyes with it, use it to enhance and stylize your eyes.


  • If you have bangs that have grown out and are currently disconnected from the rest of your hair, use them to create layers.
  • Spice up boring brunette with golden highlights that frame the face and show off layers in the hair.
  • Use blues and grays to compliment green eyes.
  • To freshen up your face, add a hint of pink to your cheeks!

More information:
Trey Gillen
Owner/Creative Director
Tre Spa Salon

Special thanks to Lynette Broom, Celebrity Makeup Maven for Tre Spa Salon.

Beauty Rescues, Leather on the Legs, We Wear What We See, All-Season Make-Up

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