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Beauty Pick-Me-Ups

No matter what kind of day you are having, a quick pick-me-up is no further than your cosmetics case says Jeannine Morris, editor of BeautySweetSpot.com.

Jeannine's favorite ways to pick up your mood mid day:

Spritz On A Smile
Because the part of your brain that controls your emotions is directly connected to the part that controls your sense of smell, using your sense of smell is one of the quickest ways to boost your mood. Of course every woman has their signature fragrance, but a mood boosting fragrance is an absolute must-have.

Revive Flat Hair
Even the most powerful women in the world's self esteem can be crushed by a bad hair day. Jeannine's secret? Dry stylers. You can start off having fabulous locks, but they can go limp throughout the day. To keep them up, a simple spritz of dry shampoo or using a re-styler will add oomphy volume and texture to your hair taking it from drab to fab. Glam Up Your Locks
Add a dose of smoothness and shine to your hair for instant glamour.
    Avon Advance Techniques Daily Shine Smooth and Shine Capsules
Add a Pop of Color
A rosy complexion will brighten up your face and your mood. Smile so you can see the apples of your cheeks and use a medium dome brush to apply a bright pop of pink or peach in a light circular motion blending up to your temples. Concentrate the color on the apples of your cheeks. Brighten Your Pearly Whites Freshen your breath and whiten your teeth after each meal, sip of coffee or red wine to let your pearly whites shine.
    Go Smile Touch Up Flavor Variety Pack
Eat Your Gloss
Like your sense of smell, your sense of taste is aligned with your mood so take advantage of it! Swipe on a flavored lip gloss, choose a flavor you love and it will instantly bring you to a better place. Revive Tired Skin
As the day goes on, we don't always get to refresh by washing our face. A simple wipe or spritz of moisturizer can refresh your makeup and reawaken your skin making you look dewy and refreshed without having to start from scratch. Erase Wrinkles
Lines creeping up on you throughout the day? "Write" them away! Add Lashes
False lashes aren't just for big events. The appearance of long, thick lashes will make your eyes the center of attention and lead to more eye contact. Not into a full strip? No problem. Just a few falsies on your outer corner can be fun or try great mascara. For more information:
Jeannine Morris, editor
Beauty Sweet Spot

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