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Bad Beauty Day Fixes

Beauty Expert Rebekah George says that while you can't escape a bad beauty day, there is no reason to hide under the covers.

"The trick is to use some beauty tips and tricks, and you can look your best even when you're feeling not so great," she says.

A few of Rebekah's favorites:

  • Dull skin? Exfoliate to rid yourself of dead skin cells and leave you with a glow! Then, add some color with bronzer and a pink blush.
  • Breakout? Use an on-the-spot acne treatment (with glycolic or salicylic acid) and only apply it directly on the spot to avoid drying out skin around the pimple. Then, use a concealer with a yellow tint to cover it.
  • Chipped nail? Carry decals with you! It is completely on-trend to have one nail that's different than the rest.
  • Teeth Looking Yellow? Use a brighter colored lipstick to make your teeth look whiter!
  • Dark Circles? Often, dark circles reflect off the hollows of our nose, so apply a bit of concealer to the hollows of your nose to get rid of the shadows that cast darker circles.
  • Puffy face from allergies? Sleep propped up with two pillows to help drain better. If you're still in a puffy-face rut, try this at-home remedy:


  • Save old coffee grounds
  • Put in ice cube tray
  • Freeze
  • When allergies act up, pull one out of freezer and place it on your eyes to get rid of puffiness
  • Caffeine stimulates circulation and the coolness helps reduce puffiness

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