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Baby Aisle Beauty

Baby Aisle Beauty

You don't need a bundle of joy to shop the baby aisle because some of the most common, inexpensive infant products do double duty for beauty!

Wendy Norwood-Patterson splits her time between being a stylist and new mom. So, it works out perfectly that there are products that work for both!

Here are some of her favorite secret uses for baby items:

Baby Powder:

  • Sprinkle into second day hair as a dry shampoo to absorb greasiness
  • Use as a protectant when shaving with an electric razor
  • Use to absorb oil on fabrics
  • Use as deodorant in a pinch
  • Use to remove sand after a day at the beach
Baby Food Makers:
  • Use to steam and puree ingredients for facial masks and homemade skin treatments
  • Featured: Beaba Baby Cook
Baby Shampoo:
  • Use as a gentle daily shampoo for adults
  • Use to launder delicates in the sink
  • Use to spot clean upholstery
  • Use as a shaving cream replacement in a pinch
  • Use to gently clean makeup brushes
Lip and Cheek Balm:
  • Use on super dry parts -- elbows, knees, heels, cuticles
  • Use to tame unruly eyebrows or split ends
  • Great for air travel since it's a solid
  • Compact for a purse or ski jacket
  • Featured: Mrs. Meyers Baby Lip and Cheek Balm
Diaper Cream:
  • Use on razor burn, especially bikini lines!
  • Featured: Boudreaux's Butt Paste
Diaper Ointment:
  • Use on burns
  • Use as a night cream for dry skin or dark areas
  • Featured: A&D Ointment
Nipple Cream:
  • Use as a lip balm (it's edible, but sticky!)
  • Featured: Lansinoh Nipple Cream
Petroleum Jelly:
  • Use to remove lipstick from cloth
  • Rub on lips and exfoliate with a baby toothbrush
Baby Wipes:
  • Use to remove makeup
  • Use to soothe sunburns
  • Use to remove little stains on clothes
  • Use to remove deodorant marks from clothes
  • Use to remove stray eye liner or lip stick
  • Featured: Boogie Wipes
Baby Oil:
  • Great for adults with dry skin
  • Use as an eye makeup remover
  • Use to remove stuck rings
  • Use to tame frizzy hair
  • Use to remove paint from skin
  • Use to untangle a delicate chain necklace
  • Use to un-stick a zipper
  • Use to refresh leather
  • Use to remove peanut butter or gum from hair
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Wendy Norwood-Patterson, stylist

Special thanks to Walgreens:

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