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Baby Aisle Beauty, Depotting Eyeshadow, Antique Jewelry, Steps to Sizzling Legs

Complete Episode: Baby Aisle Beauty
Check out some baby products that do double duty as beauty products and learn more about a magnetic solution for overflowing makeup bags. Plus, explore the history of antique jewelry and secret tricks for getting strong, shapely legs.
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Segment 1
Baby Aisle Beauty
Baby Aisle Beauty
You don't need a bundle of joy to shop the baby aisle because some of the most common, inexpensive infant products do double duty for beauty!
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Segment 2
Depotting Eyeshadow
Depotting Eyeshadow
If your makeup bag is overflowing, but you don't want to trash any of your stash, try organizing to save space. This one little magnetic palette will work magic!
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Segment 3
Antique Jewelry
Antique Jewelry
When you think of antiques, you usually think of something old for your house. But what about investing in a piece of antique jewelry?
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Segment 4
Steps to Sizzling Legs
Steps to Sizzling Legs
Most of us want to tone one area or another. If legs are your sore spot, Dr. Ian Smith has some simple leg-shaping moves.
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