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BOSU Workout

The BOSU stands for Both Sides Up, but this to this full body workout is many-sided!

A BOSU ball is a rubber fitness training tool that looks like half of a regular exercise ball affixed to a a stable base.

Gym owner, J.C. Guidry, says a BOSU can improve your cardio, balance, resistance, and core training performance because, "It's a piece of equipment that off-sets your center of gravity because it creates an unstable service."

Here are some of his favorite BOSU moves:

Curtsy Lunge with Knee Drive:
Place the BOSU flat-side down. Step in front of the BOSU off to the side. Lift your outside knee and bring it back so the knee taps the top of the BOSU, then drive the knee up into a knee lift. Try for twenty on each leg.

Unstable Squats:
Place the BOSU flat-side up. Stand on BOSU. Beginners, lean on a stable surface (like a wall). Squat 30 times.

Place the BOSU flat-side up. Grip the sides of the BOSU and extend your legs push-up style. On your knees or feet, try to do 10 push-ups.

Get Down, Get Up:
Place the BOSU flat-side down. Stand in front of the BOSU. Sit down on the edge closest to you, lie back, sit up, and stand up. Repeat 30 times.

Mission Impossible:
The BOSU is flat-side down. Start on your knees. Put your belly button to the top of the BOSU. Lie hands and feet on the ground. Then, lift the arms and feet simultaneously and hold for three seconds. Then, bring down. Repeat 30 times.

BOSU Cardio:
The BOSU is flat-side down. Run in place on the BOSU for one minute.

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