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Closet Consultation from Your BFF

Need some wardrobe inspiration? Who's better than your BFF to find new prospects in your closet?

You might work together. You play together. You might work out together. You hang out together. She knows your body insecurities as well as you do. She's the one who can get you out of a closet crisis, even if she isn't a professional stylist. She's your best friend!

So, here's how the two of you can "Best Friendify Your Closet":

  • The night before, go into your own closets and pull out the items you never wear, don't know how to wear, or you think don't look good on you.
  • The next day, turn on some tunes, pop open a bottle of wine or champagne, and pick a closet to get started in.
  • If you start in your closet, first, have your BFF get familiar with the space and your clothes (if she isn't already!). Make sure she knows what she's working with.
  • Start showing her the items you pulled out. Her goal is to make at least three unique outfits with each piece. If she can't, the item needs to be donated.
  • After you work with the pieces you picked out, have your BFF go back through your closet and give her honest opinion of the pieces she thinks don't look good on you.
  • While she's there, have your BFF pick out items from your closet that she'd like to see you wear more often.
  • Trade organization tips, like storage options, a rotation system between seasons, and how to utilize unused space. You both have great ideas to share!
  • Swapping clothes is always an option!
  • In the end you had a fun night with your bestie and have a whole new outlook on your closet!
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