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DIY Versions of Pro Beauty Services

Most of us don't want to spend big bucks on beauty. Here are a few ways to pass up pricey professional services.

You don't have to make an appointment at the dermatologist, hair salon or dentist every time you want a professional treatment. New do-it-yourself versions offer impressive results for a fraction of the money. Beauty expert Rebekah George shares her favorite alternatives that you can do from the comfort of your home.

Instead of laser treatments in a dermatologist office for $500-750 per treatment, try:

PaloVia, the first at-home laser FDA-cleared to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes by using fractionated pulses of light. Use once a day for one month, then 2 times per week to maintain results.
Price: $499
Where to Find It: www.palovia.com or QVC

Instead of salon Keratin treatments that cost up to $700 3-4 times/year, try:

Ion Keratin Smoothing Treatment Kit
This brand new product leaves hair smooth and soft without using harsh fumes or chemicals at a salon. Ion Keratin Smoothing Treatment Kit contains NO formaldehyde, Thio, or Sodium Hydroxide. The revolutionary formula reduces curl up to 50% and minimizes frizz 90-100%. Hair will feel smooth, soft, and revitalized. Using wheat germ and Argan oil, the smoothing treatment also strengthens and reconstructs while protecting from humidity.
Where to Find It: www.SallyBeauty.com

Instead of expensive hair conditioning treatments that can cost $60 or more per visit, try:

L'Oreal Professionnel Absolute Repair Cellular
This haircare system cleanses, repairs, and revitalizes your dry, damaged hair at the celular level. The Absolut Cellular Repair Masque is 6.7 oz. -- that'll last for at least 8 uses.
Where to Find It: salons nationwide

Instead of professional teeth whitening that costs $500-700 every year, try:

GO SMiLE Smile Whitening Light
The first efficacious white LED light whitening device available over-the-counter, and clinically-proven to whiten your teeth up to 6 shades in just ONE 30 minute treatment. The light is scientifically engineered to "hyper-activate" the stain-fighting power of the patented formula in Smile Whitening Ampoules, so it works better, faster, and with no sensitivity. The light device does NOT utilize harmful UV technology, and can be used as often as once a week. Dentist approved; safe to use.
Price: about $180 (LED Light + 12 Smile Whitening Ampoules)
Where to Find It: and www.GOSMiLE.com or Nordstrom

Instead of facials that cost up to $150 every 6 weeks, try:

Olay Professional ProX Advanced Facial Cleansing System
This cleansing brush that washes your face 6 times more effectively than using a washcloth. Research also shows this tool helps other anti-aging products like serums and night creams penetrate your skin even deeper for better results.
Price: $25
Where to Find It: drugstores nationwide

For more information:
Rebekah George, beauty expert and host of Total Look on www.totalbeauty.com

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