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Art Under Foot

The unmistakable red soles of Christian Louboutin shoes add flourish to any outfit. But when an artist actually put his paintings there it became his "art and sole!"

"I saw the bottom of that red shoe and I thought, that is really sexy real estate, that's good real estate! And then I thought, my paintings should go there," explains artist and professor Joshua Bienko.

He did what most people wouldn't think of doing to luxury shoes from designer Christian Louboutin. He painted reproductions of famous works of art on the bottom of them. However, the high heels come with a high price and Joshua bought the first three pairs himself.

"You know, I was a graduate student and I bought these really expensive shoes and I took video of myself, like 'Am I really gonna do it?' and I was sanding the red off. It was painful to do, but it's part of the process," he sayd. "I only sand off the parts that I'm going to paint."

He later got a grant from Texas A&M University to buy more shoes and even got a stamp (or signature) of approval from Christian Louboutin himself. The painted collection is called, "Ever So Much More So."

Unfortunately, Joshua won't sell his soles right now. "You ever wanted something specifically because you can't have it? It's kind of playing out this theoretical idea," he says.

However, you can buy limited-edition photographs of his work. It's serious stuff from a not-so-serious artist.

"A friend of mine said, 'What if you mess up? You're painting on the bottoms of those shoes. What if you mess up?' And I feel like all painting is, is messing up," he says.

For more information about Joshua Bienko, visit www.joshuabienko.com

Special thanks to Neiman Marcus

Photo Gallery: Joshua Bienko's Art
Check out Joshua Bienko's art under the red soles of Christian Louboutin shoes.
Photos: Art Under Foot

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