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Anti-Aging Eye Creams That Really Work

Anti-Aging Eye Creams That Really Work

One of the first facial features that shows the signs of aging is our eyes. Here's something you can do about it, a product that's being dubbed "Spanx for the eyes".

"As we get older, we lose elasticity, which causes wrinkles. We also lose bone around our eyes, so the eyes start to look hollow, and we can get dark circles. Then, the fat under our eye as we age starts to separate, starts to stick out more, so it can make you look like you have puffy eyes," says dermatologist, Dr. Tracy Katz.

There are many options out there: surgery, Botox, fillers, but there are also creams that can lead to results over time. Two that Dr. Katz recommends are Elastiderm and Teamine.

Elastiderm contains a bi-mineral complex and milonic acid, which help to smooth wrinkles, she explains.

"In addition, Elastiderm uses technology to penetrate the eye cream deeper to help it work better," says Dr. Katz.

This product sells for about $109 but should last six months.

To help with under-eye circles, Dr. Katz likes Teamine.

"Some of the key ingredients in Teamine that will improve the vascular pigmentation underneath the eye are Vitamin K, arnica, and peptides that can be really important in stimulating collagen and helping with those fine lines and wrinkles. Teamine also has caffeine in it, which can also help improve the appearance of puffiness underneath the eyes," she says.

Teamine sells for about $68 and will also last up to six months.

Dr. Katz says both Elastiderm and Teamine work over time, but there's a product to get instant results called Neotensil.

"It has been dubbed Spanx for the Eyes because it literally tightens up the eye bag under the eye. It improves the appearance of wrinkles, puffiness, and overall hydration under the eye," says Dr. Katz.

The product comes with two applications. The first is a base layer, followed by an activation layer.

"This forms a cross-linked polymer layer, which is like a film underneath the eye, so that film over the next several minutes to hours starts to compress the eye bag in and smooth and hydrate under the eye. So, it helps with the overall eye appearance," adds Katz.

While you're going to see a great difference in ten minutes, an hour, two hours, three hours later, it's going to keep looking better and better and better.

"I have to sit for 15 minutes and not make any facial expression, and then you walk off. It's great," says Leslie, a patient of Dr. Katz.

"I started seeing results in 10 minutes," Malcolm, another patient adds.

The results may seem too good to be true, which is why Dr. Katz has a few items to keep in mind. First, it won't improve the overall quality of the under eyes. It is a temporary improvement that works when we wear it. Also, we can't wear this product with our own under-eye concealer and makeup.

"However, they are launching a new concealer that's designed to use with Neotensil, so it won't compromise your aesthetic outcome," says Katz.

Next, Neotensil is not for those with mild wrinkles or very deep wrinkles.

"You really need to have a milder to moderate laxity for Neotensil to make a change," she says.

Last, it is expensive.

"The cost for the kit of Neotensil is $500, and that includes 50 applications, so it comes out to $10 an application," she says.

Despite these drawbacks, the results make it well-worth the investment for Dr. Katz's patients. For Kelly, it would have a purpose.

"I probably wouldn't wear it every single day because it is expensive, but I would consider it for special occasions," says Dr. Katz.

Lesley would absolutely buy it.

"It's a no brainer," says Lesley. "I would because you don't have to have surgery, which is expensive, and you have scars."

Dr. Katz realizes that these products can be pricey.

"If you are on a tight budget and the only thing you can really afford is a drugstore product, you want to make sure the product you choose has key ingredients in it like niaciminide, caffeine for puffiness, retinols to help stimulate collagen," she says.

For more from Dr. Tracy Katz, dermatologist at Suzanne Bruce and Associates, visit SBA-skincare.com.
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