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American Wave

American Wave

For years, the only way women with limp locks could to get long-lasting volume was a perm. Now, the next generation is here and ladies everywhere are saluting the American Wave!

Salon owner David Michael says, "The American Wave is a new product from Nick Arrojo. It utilizes new modern ionic technology and& gives stylists a tool that we can create cascading waves, expanded textures, even full blown curls."

Clients will be able to toss their hair dry into curls, beachy waves, or just get more hold out of their blowouts. The results last about three to four months and then slowly fade from the hair.

David says it's meant for people with straight, flat hair. Anyone with heavily highlighted hair (more than 25%) should check with their stylist before getting the treatment.

The process starts with a quick shampoo. Then, "rollers" or soft tools are used.

"When you wrap with the softer tool you don't get the line of demarcation as it grows out," David says. The rollers also come in different sizes and each style is wrapped differently on the head.

After the hair is wrapped, the American Wave solution is applied.

"One of the key ingredients for this is chlorophyll. It's called the deodorizer& We add that to the solution and what that does is actually cut out the odor," David explains.

Then, hair processes anywhere from five to 20 minutes maximum. The solution is thoroughly rinsed out. Then, a neutralizer is applied. It sits for ten minutes and gets rinsed out as well.

David says, "I think hair has been so straight for so long, everyone's concentrated on getting curly hair to be straight, now we have a product that is going to be able to take that fine, straight-haired client and give them that bend, that option that we haven't had since the old school perms."

More information:
David Michael
Owner - David Michael Salon

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