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Alternate Hairstyles for Bangs

Are you getting tired of your bangs or are you growing them out? Here are a few easy hairstyles that will change up your look and get your bangs out of your face.

Salon owner Brandi Lisenbe says, "We all know the growing out process of the bangs can be horrible, so if you don't want to commit to the bangs, and you're growing them out, there are tons of styles we can do."

"The cool thing about these styles is if you have bangs or not, they're easy to pull off, you can do them yourself, and anyone can wear them," adds hair stylist Lindsey Kidd.

Here are a few ideas:


  • Grab a round brush and sea salt spray or some type of texture spray to grip the hair and make it stay.
  • Grab the bangs and an extra two inches of hair.
  • Spray with texture spray on top and bottom.
  • Use the round brush to grip the hair and blow-dry back away from face.
  • Let it cool for ten seconds.
  • Let the hair go, part it in the middle, grab your sea salt spray, spray it one more time.
  • From the hairline, take a one-inch section on one side of the part.
  • Split into two pieces and tie a knot.
  • Pull it tight, pull those two pieces together as one, take your next section, kind of diagonally, take those two pieces, knot that together, pull it tight.
  • Continue for about four to five knots and rubber band or bobby pin the end.
  • Do the same to the other side.
  • The great thing about knots is, especially if you have fine, thinner hair, it gives it a little more texture. It creates more of a voluminous look, while braids kind of minimize.
  • For this look, the messier the better.
  • Take a section right in front, right down the middle, and start with three sections. This can be pretty messy. You'll want to grip it together and start braiding. Bring those diagonal sections in.
  • French braid to the crown and then braid to the end and secure with an elastic band.
  • Roll it all the way to the front, tuck it under, and take bobby pins and pin the sides.
  • You can leave it like this or tug it making it a little messy and fun.
  • Then, take Session Spray by Kevin Murphy and spray it down so it's nice and secure.
  • You can tease the back with a teasing comb to make it a little more voluminous.
For more information Do or Dye visit www.doordyetx.com.

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