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All-Season Make-Up

Every season, brand new make-up colors arrive on store shelves; but before you spend big bucks buying all new shades, make the most of the make-up you already have!

Make Up For Ever regional educator J'me Williams says her clients always ask, "'It's summer, what make-up should I have? It's fall, what make-up should I have?' Well, what I always tend to tell my clients, you can have the same thing, it's just the technique changes and where you place it."

Here are her tips:

  • Don't stow that bright eyeliner (like gold) from summer. Use it as a base color all over your lid for fall.
  • Then, take your summer eye shadow color (like purple) and apply it on top of the eyeliner that you just used as a base. It's going to make your liner a little bit deeper and make it fall appropriate.
  • Still holding on to that bright spring blush? For fall, incorporate it with your beautiful deep shades of eye shadow. Warm it up in the crease area. Don't pack it on. Just add a little bit without going overboard.
  • Finish your lids with that black waterproof liner - you probably wore to the pool - for smudge-proof eyes!
  • Bronzer - don't go crazy with it like you did in the summer. Instead, use it as contour in specific areas - on the cheek and chin. This is going to give that sculpted effect and keep you fall ready.
  • Highlighter is the same. Keep it light and simple. Instead of the cheeks, forehead, nose and every way you can imagine, focus it on the eyes. Keep it soft, simple, and beautiful.

More information:
J'me Williams
Regional Educator
Make Up For Ever

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