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After the Air Force Makeover

After years of a boring beauty routine, a former Air Force member gets a makeover that leaves her soaring. With a fun, flirty haircut and easy-to-care-for color, this military beauty learns how to do a smoky eye for daytime.

Yesenia Aleman joined the United States Air Force because she loved aviation and wanted to see the world.

"My plan was to go in as an enlisted and eventually go in to pilot training, but I had horrible eyesight," she said.

With her flight plans grounded, Yesenia decided to volunteer to work in Korea.

"I got to experience the culture, the landscape, the food. I got to travel to places I can't even pronounce," she said.

She also finally got a chance to fly.

"Right before I left, my commander approved it, and I got to be a co-pilot in an F-16. The pilot let me take control of the plane, and I didn't know that it was so sensitive, so when I took control I flipped it to the right, and we almost flipped and I got scared, and I stopped," she laughs.

She says her time in the Air Force was exciting, but it was also a time of very basic beauty.

"You're in a uniform, and so for me, I felt like a boy. I really didn't wear makeup, because who wears makeup in their military uniform? For a while I had short hair and then when it got long, the rule is that you have to maintain it above the collar. So I started to wear it in buns or ponytails with a hat. So, there was no beauty routine," she explains.

Now that she's a civilian, she's getting some 'basic training' in hair and beauty from Tre Spa Salon stylist and colorist Anna-Laurel Shuttlesworth and makeup artist Jessica Alston.

Anna-Laurel cut a few inches off Yesenia's hair, and then explained how she wanted to change her color.

"I'd like to take some pieces around your face and that's mainly where you're going to see a highlight, as far as everything else is, it's going to be focused more toward the bottom.That way it's easier for you to maintain," said Anna-Laurel.

Anna-Laurel creates something that's fun and flirty with dimension from her color. However, it's also easy to take care of because Yesenia's not someone who's used to coming into the salon every 4 to 6 weeks.

After the haircut, highlights and a swoop bang, it's time for Jessica to teach Yesenia how to do a smoky eye for day.

Jessica says the key to a smoky eye during the day is to not to use shades of black or gray. Instead, she uses plum shades accentuate Yesenia's brown eyes. Another trick is to make sure you blend all three shades together to keep those harsh lines from showing. Pair the smoky eye with rosy colored cheeks and a neutral lip.

Here are Jessica's steps for the perfect daytime smoky eye:

1. Start with a medium shade on the eye lid. Then, go below the eye brow bone and put a lighter shade to brighten up that area.

2. In the outer corner add your third shade, which is the darkest shade. Apply it in a sideways V-shape on the eye lid and take it into the crease.

3. Apply black eye liner on the top eyelid and half of the bottom for day or fully across the bottom lid for night.

4. Then add mascara to finish the eyes.

Yesenia loved her new look and says it matches her personality.

"I don't feel like a boy anymore," she said. "It's more fun, more flirty, more alive."

For more information about stylist Anna-Laurel Shuttlesworth or makeup artist Jessica Alston, visit Tre Spa Salon.

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