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80s Super Models, DIY Hair Conditioners, Fashion Fixes, Matte Makeup is Back

A few super models from the 80s share their beauty secrets. And, get tips and tricks for pulling off the matte makeup look and find out how to solve your most common fashion faux pas. Plus, save money and get soft hair with some make-it-yourself conditioners.
Segment 1
80s Super Models
80s Super Models
Most of us remember some supermodels from the eighties. They are still a gorgeous group and they stopped by to share their tips on timeless beauty.
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Segment 2
DIY Hair Conditioners
DIY Hair Conditioners
If your hair is dry and lacks luster, you can go to the salon and spend $30 to $50 on a conditioning treatment, or you can do it yourself right at home!
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Segment 3
Fashion Fixes
Fashion Fixes
From rings that spin, to boots that sag, annoying little fashion issues pop up daily. Luckily, there are some quick and easy fixes!
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Segment 4
Matte Makeup is Back
Matte Makeup is Back
For so many years, it's been about shimmer and glow. Well, matte makeup is back, and here is why it's a must.
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