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5-Minute Energizing Workout

Whether it's first thing in the morning or during a midday slump, fitness studio owners Henry Richardson and Erin Stewart say a five minutes routine will do the energy trick without the caffeine kick.

"Get the blood flowing right away through movement and breathing," says Erin.


  • March in place lifting knees and swinging arms. "You're going to get length in the hamstring, the glutes, as well as the lower back," says Richardson.
  • Stretch by inhaling and opening the chest and then exhaling and rounding the spine.
  • Plank: Lower to the ground on your hands and knees. Kick out your feet so you are in a straight arm plank position. This will work the abs, upper body, legs, and glutes. Hold this for 30 seconds. If you are a beginner or have wrist problems, lower down to your forearms.
  • Chaturanga: From the plank position, do a tricep push up by keeping the elbows along your sides. Try to do this for 30 seconds.
  • Wide Second Squat: Walk your feet out into a wide second position with toes turned slightly out. Squat up and down for 30 seconds, staying low.
  • Lunges: Step one foot out in front of you, the other behind, and lower into a lunge position as low as possible. Lunge down and up for 30 seconds on one leg, and 30 seconds on the other leg.
  • C-Curve: Sit on the floor, feet planted on floor, knees in front of you. Hold onto either side of your thighs, curl your spine and lower, contracting your abs. Move up and down. Then, try holding the position lower, let go up of one hand and lift one hand up and down.
  • Breathing Exercise: Inhale for four counts, hold for seven counts, and exhale for eight counts. Breathing slowly will bring oxygen to the blood and help with circulation.
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