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4x4 Workout

No more excuses about not having time to workout. The 4x4 Workout requires 15 minutes or less.

Author JJ Virgin says, "Research really shows that it's not the duration of the exercise, it's the intensity."

So she put together the 4x4 workout. It's four leg bursts, three upper body pushing exercises, pulling exercises and core workouts and then stretching.

Virgin says, "The research shows that four one-minute bursts are the equivalent of twenty minutes of steady state exercise." So, grab a stop watch!

She adds, "The bursts are all about raising lactic acid and when you really pump up the lactic acid by big body movements like squats, lunges, sprints, jump roping& you're going to raise growth hormone with burn more fat and build muscle. I call it fast, fun, done. You'll go through that circuit with little rests as you go, as you need them, and you're done in fifteen minutes or less, and I mean done!"

For more information on JJ Virgin or specific exercises, log on to www.jjvirgin.com or pick up "Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy" at your local bookstore.

Special thanks to Discovery Green. For more information visit www.discoverygreen.com.

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