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Fall 2012 Hair Trends

If the summer heat has your hair a mess, it's time to give your locks some love with fall's coolest tress trends!

We asked three of our favorite salon owners -- Trey Gillen, Rachel Gower and Tamika Fletcher -- for this seaons's best hair trends. Here's what they told us:


"We're going to say words like tie-dye, smudging and dip-dying. That's our new lingo for ombre. What that does is it just makes it a little bit more fun, a little bit more edgy and you can play with a lot of color," says Trey. Go with natural colors, bright colors, or reverse ombre, which it lighter at the top and darker underneath and at the bottom.


This season's hot hair color is red! "You want to go with more coppery and red-reds, stay away from the blues and violet reds. Also, if your natural hair color is medium brown you want to stick to a medium red," says Trey. "And if you really want to pop a splash of color in there, give yourself a partial highlight in the front and put even more coppery tones just through the face framing hairline."


' "Last season, I think it was more about texture and tighter curls. This year, it's about 'Go Big or Go Home,'" says Tamika. This season, think structured, romantic, or messy. "They don't have to be perfectly placed. I think curls that area little bit exotic and a little bit wild are the trend for this fall," Tamika says.


"Low volume hair means there's no volume at the top and the volume's coming out from the ears down. So, the old "tuck and go" with the bang behind the ears is totally back with a vengeance," says Trey.


"One of the great styles that is really popular right now is the upside down French braid. All you have to do is turn your head over and braid starting at the nape going up. You can finish it with a cute ponytail or make it into a ballerina bun," says Rachel. Another great way to use braids is to add little accent braids almost as accessories. It's a beautiful accent to a ballerina bun. If you'd rather your braid be the focal point, try a waterfall braid (watch hair stylist Kecia Parker do one in the video above).


If twisting is more your speed, be creative with those as well!


"The windswept look is all about having the hair away from the face, but in kind-of a messy way," says Rachel. "What you need to do is tease, and then tease, and then tease some more and as you're teasing add a texturizing hair powder to get it to stay where you want it. After you've teased the whole head of hair, gently smooth it back with a little brush and then twist it into a bun and pin it."


"The sleek, concise pony tail is really going to bring you into the more editorial feel this fall. But we want really shiny, smooth, perfectly pulled back hair and then a very nice, strong, flat ponytail on the back," Trey explains. Tamika adds, "The best way to get this look is to flat iron first then add lots of serum to hold it into place."

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