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10-Minute Whole Body Vibration Workout

10-Minute Whole Body Vibration Workout

How can you get a complete workout, in minutes, while wearing street clothes? These participants say the secret is standing on an oscillating platform.

Fitness studio owners Stacy Crumpler and Gail Hightower had different goals when they started using an oscillating machine produced by T-Zone Vibration.

"I'm a mother of seven. I didn't have any time for myself. I didn't work out. I actually got on one of these machines, saw the results, had the energy level, absolutely loved it," Stacy says.

For Gail, a breast cancer survivor, her swollen tissues made exercising difficult. As a last resort, she turned to the oscillation, which can require minimal physical effort -- just sit, stand, or balance part of your weight on the machine. For increased resistance, you can also attempt various poses or hold onto hand weights.

"A year later, it works. I rarely have to go for lymphatic drainage. In the meantime, I gained muscle, which I couldn't gain before. My sister was coming by my house every day, and I saw what it did for her -- her circulation improved. She looked younger. She lost four sizes. I just thought, how can you not offer this to everyone?" she says.

With that, Zaaz Studios was born.

"Any fitness level, any body condition, can workout on these machines," Stacy says. "The equipment is a whole body vibration machine. It's an oscillating platform. It oscillates back and forth at various speeds at anything from one all the way up to 99."

"It's an FDA-approved medical device in Canada and the United States," Gail reassures.

Some people come for exercise and weight loss. Many clients come for other health reasons.

"Probably about a year ago, I was diagnosed with osteopenia in my hip. At that time, my mother had passed away, and she had terrible osteoporosis, and I did not want that to happen to me," says Patsy Paine. Since bones and muscles become stronger with regular exercise, Patsy is taking is taking proactive iniative each time she visits Zaaz.

"Ten minutes on the machine will equal to 4,000 muscle contractions. It can get up to 10,000 muscle contractions, depending on the workout that you do," Stacy says. The more you move, stretch, and pose on the oscillation machine, the higher number of muscle contractions. Certain exercises, like squats, isolate trouble spots such as thighs, abs, and upper arms. "Typically, you'll get 4,000 to 6,000 muscle contractions depending on what you do in the gym.

"When you increase your circulation, you start increasing the circulation in your blood, which increases the endorphins in your head, which also helps with lymphatic drainage. That's what gives you an energy boost -- you have the increased circulation; the increased oxygen going through your body. And that's what makes you feel better," Stacy says. "When you feel better, you're making better choices, and you're making healthier choices."

"I would recommend it to anybody that's lazy and wants to have a minimum amount of time, doesn't want to have their hair messed up, doesn't want to have their makeup pouring off their face, and can come in in any type of clothing," Patsy says.

For more information:
Stacy Crumpler and Gail Hightower, co-owners
Zaaz Studios

Visit www.t-zonevibration.com to learn more about the VT-15 and VT-20 Vibration Machines, the models used by Zaaz

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