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When Rick wants to get away from the frantic pace of life in the restaurant world, he heads South. In this episode, he sets out to find the kind of ultimate serenity he's always sought out in his favorite 'secret gardens' of Mexico.
It's a search that takes him from a mountaintop in the jungle to a mellow natural products store in a quite corner of Mexico City and a traditional temescal -- a spa and sweat-lodge where curanderos practice ancient healing arts.
Segment 1
Soothing Tea
Soothing Tea
Rick shows us how to prepare a soothing Chamomile Tea.
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Segment 2
Mushroom Potato Crema with Roasted Poblano
Mushroom Potato Crema with Roasted Poblano
This soup shows off the natural affinity between earthy mushrooms and earthy potatoes. Too much of a good thing can, sometimes, lead to lost luster, which is why I like the deep-green spice of roasted poblanos in this soup.
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Segment 3
Mushroom-Potato Soup and Tikin Xic
Mushroom-Potato Soup and Tikin Xic
Rick prepares a creamy mushroom-potato soup and grills fresh fish on the beach.
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Segment 4
Thrill Ride
Thrill Ride
Rick flies across a ravine under a dense jungle canopy.
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