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Super-Hero Sandwich

Rick and his daughter, Lanie, check out Mexico's real-life super-hero subculture. It's the surreal, splashy world of Lucha Libre -- the beloved masked wrestling phenomenon that captures the Mexican imagination and spills over into every part of the culture, from politics to food.
We join Rick on a hunt for the perfect snacks to eat while watching Lucha Libre with friends, as he visits street stalls outside a Mexico City arena that sell everything from tacos and snacks to colorful wrestling masks and capes -- and along the way, we discover the history of this uniquely Mexican blend of acrobatics, myth, mystery and morality play.
Segment 1
Luche Libre
Luche Libre
Rick checks out Mexico's real life super-hero subculture, Luche Libre!
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Segment 2
Chillied Peanuts and Pumpkin Seeds
Chillied Peanuts and Pumpkin Seeds
Rick makes chilied peanuts and pumpkin seeds!
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Segment 3
El Sumo
El Sumo
Rick takes on the El Sumo, a giant, no-holds barred torta sandwich in Mexico!
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Segment 4
Ricks Super Torta
Rick's Super Torta
Rick creates his own version of the Mexican sandwich, his Super Torta!
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