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Street Fare Tonight

After giving viewers a quick on-location crash course in Mexican street food, Rick gets an idea. Why not create a one-night-only Mexican street-food stall right in his Chicago home kitchen as the centerpiece of an unforgettable cocktail party?
Segment 1
Mexico City-Style Quesadillas
Mexico City-Style Quesadillas
Rick prepares the perfect street food -- quesadillas with cheese and chile or mushrooms.
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Segment 2
Arbol Chile Salsa
Arbol Chile Salsa
This salsa is an excellent addition to steak.
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Segment 3
Huaraches (Oval Corn Masa Cakes) with Chorizo and Salsa
Huaraches (Oval Corn Masa Cakes) with Chorizo and Salsa
Rick shares a recipe for corn masa cakes. This is a great appetizer to serve at a 'street food' party.
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Segment 4
Time to Eat
Time to Eat
Rick gets his Mexican-style street food party started!
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