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Return to Hacienda

The 19th Century was the golden age of the Mexican hacienda, and today, some of these great plantation estates live on as luxury resorts. Rick and his wife, Deann, stayed in one of them, Hacienda San Jose in the Yucatan, and we get a glimpse of the lush grounds, beautifully restored buildings, rustic-elegant furnishings, and hearty, hacienda cooking.
Then, Rick hosts a dinner party in Chicago -- a reunion with the two other couples who joined them at the hacienda -- with a menu and mood designed to bring home the flavors and memories they shared.

The dining room is transformed with tropical flowers and candles, and the party begins with champagne margaritas, Rick's luxury take on Mexico's favorite cocktail. Then, the guests sit down to a soulful yet sophisticated menu, starting with a creamy roasted chile-potato soup with greens and chorizo, followed by braised short ribs with arbol chiles, white beans, mushrooms and beer garnished with a delicate frisee salad.

And for dessert, there's the seemingly impossible pastel imposible -- also known as chocoflan -- a chocolate cake and custard confection whose layers magically reverse themselves in the pan during baking.

It's a dinner party that's extra-special, but not extra-fancy -- and every bit as magical as the evenings Rick and his friends enjoyed in 'hacienda heaven.'

Segment 1
Braised Short Ribs
Braised Short Ribs
Rick braises short ribs with arbol chilies, white beans, mushrooms and beer.
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Segment 2
Impossible Cake (AKA chocoflan)
Impossible Cake (AKA chocoflan)
Rick Bayless combines two different desserts into one delicious cake.
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Segment 3
Roasted Chile Potato Soup with Greens and Chorizo
Roasted Chile Potato Soup with Greens and Chorizo
Rick prepares a roasted chile-potato soup with greens and chorizo.
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Segment 4
Try Rick Bayless luxury take on Mexicos favorite cocktail with his recipe for champagne margaritas.
Champagne Margarita
Try Rick Bayless' luxury take on Mexico's favorite cocktail with his recipe for champagne margaritas.
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