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Party Time

Party Time

It's time for the barbacoa block party!

Barbacoa Block Party

Other segments featured on this episode of Mexico: One Plate At A Time:

Barbecue Pit
Barbecue Pit
Rick Bayless gets his outdoor barbecue pit ready for the fiesta.
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Oaxacan-Style Lamb Pit Barbeque
Oaxacan-Style Lamb Pit Barbeque
Rick and his daughter Lanie prepare the main course, Oaxacan-style Barbacoa -- lamb marinated with red chiles, wrapped in avocado and banana leaves and slow-roasted in the smoldering pit.
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"Almost Oaxacana" Grilled Tostadas
Almost Oaxacana Grilled Tostadas
Rick Bayless preparse freshly made Tlayudas Oaxaquenas, Oaxacan-style grilled tostadas.
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