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Fine Dining on Quesadillas

Fine Dining on Quesadillas

At Paxia, a stunning fine-dining restaurant, Rick shows us a style of quesadilla, a cheese-filled pocket of masa that's deep-fried to make a golden turnover.

The Case for Quesadillas

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Luxurious Rustic Griddle-Baked Quesadillas
Luxurious Rustic Griddle-Baked Quesadillas
Rick Bayless shares a recipe for homemade quesadillas.
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Fresh Cheese
Fresh Cheese
Fresh cheeses are easy to prepare as Rick shows us by making Mexican Fresh Cheese in his Chicago kitchen.
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Dinner Date
Dinner Date
Rick makes his Luxurious rustic griddle-baked quesadillas for a romantic date-night dinner with his wife, Deann.
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