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Eat, Drink and Be Merida

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At one time, the henequen trade made Merida, the capital of the Yucatan, one of the richest cities in the world. Today, its lovely white stuccoed buildings remind us of its opulent past.
A horse and carriage ride down the Paseo Montejo will help you understand why Merida was once known as "The Paris of Mexico." Rick takes us on a journey through the Merida market stalls for a look at the blending of Mayan traditions with the Spanish influences. Dishes such as Sikil Pak, a pumpkinseed dip with habanero is totally Mayan, yet still part of Merida's meals today. The market's meat stalls jump-start Rick's surprising roller coaster ride through Merida's food history from simple pork Picadillo to the baroque Queso Relleno (stuffed cheese) found in all the classic Yucatan restaurants. Along the way, we explore the Lebanese influence on this colonial city where thousands of locals dance in the town square nearly every night of the week.
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The Paris of Mexico
'The Paris of Mexico'
At one time, the henequen trade made Merida one of the richest cities in the world.
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Segment 2
Queso Relleno, Estilo Yucateco
Queso Relleno, Estilo Yucateco
Though in Yucatan, this dish is a complex procedure that yields a dish that, though very delicious, is hard to make look beautiful when served.
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Segment 3
Yucatecan Pumpkinseed Dip
Yucatecan Pumpkinseed Dip
One of the ways to best enjoy the magic flavor from the pumpkin seed is in a Mayan dip called Si Kil Pac.
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Segment 4
Lebanese Influence
Lebanese Influence
Rick explores the Lebanese influence on this colonial city.
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