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Mexico Unplugged
Mexico Unplugged
When Rick wants to get away from the frantic pace of life in the restaurant world, he heads South. In this episode, he sets out to find the kind of ultimate serenity he's always sought out in his favorite 'secret gardens' of Mexico.
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Welcome to Tequila
Welcome to Tequila
Tequila has come around -- from 'lick the salt and suck the lime' firewater, to chic drink of connoisseurs and hipsters alike. What exactly is this quintessential Mexican spirit, and what makes one tequila so-so and another sublime?
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The Capital of Hip
The Capital of Hip
With more than 20 million people, and a dazzlingly rich cultural and culinary history, Mexico City is like its own planet -- and these days, it's a younger, hipper planet than ever.
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Mexico: One Plate At A Time Video

Mexico: One Plate at a Time

The Host
Chef Rick Bayless cooks authentic Mexican cuisine on Mexico: One Plate At Time on the Live Well Network.

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