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A Whole New Enchilada
A Whole New Enchilada
Rick's out to dispel the notion that an enchilada is all about smothering tortillas in sauce and gooey cheese. At Cafe Azul y Oro in Mexico City, he shows us the iconic Mexican version of the dish: a corn tortilla in a red mole sauce and rolled around a light, simple chicken filling.
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Chorizo Made Easy
Chorizo Made Easy
Chorizo, the succulent pork sausage seasoned with chiles, spices and a touch of vinegar, is the "bacon of Mexico" -- the perfect accompaniment for eggs and, like bacon, a versatile ingredient for cooking that can give any dish a serious head start on flavor.
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Tacos Hola!
Tacos Hola!
We find Rick and his daughter, Lanie, at the Mexico City's colorful Sonora Market, an emporium of medicinal herbs and the best place in town to buy cazuelas, the beautifully rustic earthenware cooking and serving casseroles that define a whole class of stews and taco fillings.
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Mexico: One Plate At A Time Video

Mexico: One Plate at a Time

The Host
Chef Rick Bayless cooks authentic Mexican cuisine on Mexico: One Plate At Time on the Live Well Network.

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