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When it comes to getting fit the cost of healthy food and fitness memberships add up quickly. Ali Vincent and Deals Host Kat Cosley show you how to get fit and stay budget friendly.

When Ali Vincent won the Biggest Loser four years ago, she changed her life forever. But, she knows living healthy can be expensive and when the costs start adding up, it's very easy to forgo the healthy lifestyle when you can't afford to maintain it. Today, Ali's talking with the Live Well Network's host of Deals, Kat Cosley, to find out how to live big for a whole lot less.

"I hear excuses from people all the time," says Ali. "I can't afford a gym, exercise equipment is so expensive. Well no more excuses! No money? No problem."

In this economy saving money is important, but it can be very hard to do. Every week Kat Cosley reveals great money-saving tips for getting the most out of your hard-earned dollars on the popular show "Deals" airing on the Live Well Network. Today, Kat's telling Ali how to cut costs and in turn Ali's teaching Kat how to cut calories.

If you don't have a gym membership and you're looking for great deals Kat has a few suggestions that you should consider.

1. Consider the amenities offered at the gym like the sauna, swimming pool, steam room, etc. Those extras are bundled into your membership so if you don't plan to take advantage of them look for a smaller gym.

2. Try out the free-trial memberships that gyms offer to be sure that way you can see whether or not you will go to the gym regularly before you sign-up.

3. If you have a spouse or workout buddy, check to see if they gym will give you a deal if you sign up together.

4. Some companies offer membership discounts to employees so check with your employer.

5. The Y.M.C.A. has lower membership rates than some of the other big name facilities and the Y will put you on a plan if you cannot afford their rates.

"Always ask for deals," says Kat.

"Ask and we'll see if you shall receive," laughs Ali.

"You know, what's the worst they can tell you?" asks Kat.

"No," says Ali.

"And then, you go someplace else and ask them right? I mean, it might take a little bit more time on the front end, but if you want to save money and that's really your key priority because you want to get healthy and you want to get fit, then go ahead and ask," Kat says.

"What about for those people who already have gym memberships, is there any way for them to save?" asks Ali.

"If you're having a tough time, you go and talk to the gym owner, the gym manager because they might be able to give you some kind of a discount," Kat says. "I wouldn't go to the front desk because those people are going to tell you no."

"I think the manager is always the best person because they want to keep you on as a member," she says. "Really share what your situation is. If you go from a two income to a one income family but this really means something to you and you've been doing really well on your weight loss and you don't want to interrupt that, let them know and tell them OK this is what I can afford to pay. Can we work something out?"

If you don't have a gym near you or you prefer to workout at home, Kat has some money saving tips for you as well.

"I like to go to a place called Play it Again Sports," says Kat. "The thing I love about Play It Again is you can guarantee that if you do buy something there, it's going to work and it's going to be quality."

"They just sell individual weights. They sell treadmills. They sell all kinds of things. You can really get a good deal there," she says.

"Another one is- Craigslist, I think it's a great way to get savings, but you definitely want to be careful. You want to make sure that the equipment works, see if they can plug it in and actually use the equipment before you spend the money on it," Kat says.

Kat suggests checking out your local gym to find discounted equipment.

"A lot of times gyms will get new equipment and they need to get that older equipment out," she says. "It might not necessarily be broken or not work, they just need to get it out so they can get new equipment in."

In order to look like your best self, you've got to feel good first so Ali suggests getting out of those old, oversized, frumpy workout clothes and getting into clothing that fits and looks good. But you can find clothes that fit your budget as well.

"There is a lot of used clothing places. Would you ever shop there for workout clothes?" asks Ali.

"Of course I would! I love Good Will. I love, love, love Good Will because there are so many people who wear things once or twice and then they give it away," says Kat.

"Clothing swaps are the new thing," says Kat. "You wear the outfit a couple of times, you lose weight, so you can get into a new size and now you're going to swap it with your friends," she says.

"Invite all your girlfriends over and then you change. Oh, I wanted a pink one. Oh, I need a size small now, and that's a great way to make use of your gym clothes. Because it can be really pricey to go to the gym looking good."

"I love to save money, my friends don't think so, but I absolutely love to save money, especially in regards to fitness equipment," says Ali.

"I'm so happy to know that you like to save money as well," says Kat.

"Oh absolutely, then I can buy more," laughs Ali.

For more information about the YMCA's membership programs please visit

For more information on Play It Again Sports please visit

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