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Water Workout

Water Workout

Linda Hill and her daughter Veronika Williams are ready for a lifestyle change, but this mother-daughter duo will have to overcome major obstacles in their journey to get healthy. Ali knows what it takes to be successful so she's setting them up with all the tools.

Linda and Veronika have both received year-long memberships at 24 Hour Fitness, 50 personal training sessions and Body Buggs to track their calories in their Live Big journey.

One of Ali's favorite places to burn calories is in the pool so she takes the girls out for a swim. The water is a great way to challenge your muscles without putting pressure on your joints. Veronika is very sedentary and Linda is plagued by several injuries, so the pool is the perfect workout solution.

"I'm super stoked and excited because we're in the swimming pool. That's one of the things that I love about 24 Hour Fitness is they have pools almost everywhere and you're my first live biggers here," says Ali.

Lisa, a water fitness expert, got in the pool with the ladies to give them their first water workout.

Linda and Veronika have made a change for the better and are now supporting each other to get healthy. They are on their way to living the life of their dreams -- a healthy happy, big life and they get to have some fun along the way.

"It was the best workout I've ever had because it felt more like fun than working out," says Veronika. "It just feels good 'cause it's like the first day of the rest of our lives."

Ali's Big Three from Linda and Veronika's episode:
1) Get healthy with a loved one
2) Find healthy alternatives
3) Try swimming

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