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Transforming Sharon Carmona

Sharon Carmona, a recent college grad, has been heavy all her life and she's ready for a healthy change. Now with Ali's help, Sharon will learn what it takes to truly live big.
Segment 1
Meet Sharon Carmona
Meet Sharon Carmona
Sharon Carmona, an aspiring doctor, wants to change other people's lives but first she's got to change her own. She desperately wants to live the big life and Ali Vincent's going to show her exactly how.
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Segment 2
Cooking Lessons
Cooking Lessons
Weighing in at almost 250 pounds, Sharon Carmona is ready to get serious about dropping the extra pounds. Winning the Biggest Loser four years ago, Ali Vincent knows what it takes to lose weight and finally get healthy, now she's showing Sharon the ropes.
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Segment 3
Healthy Changes
Healthy Changes
Ali understands we all have guilty pleasures so she's invited Chef Zov over to teach Sharon healthy recipes to satisfy her sweet tooth. Then, it's off to the gym to start working out.
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Segment 4
Dreams Come True
Dreams Come True
Winning the Biggest Loser was a dream come true for Ali Vincent, her life was changed forever and she vowed to pay it forward. Now, Ali's helping Sharon Carmona make her own dreams come true.
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Segment 5
Easy Chocolate Cookie with Walnuts
Easy Chocolate Cookie with Walnuts
Chef Zov shares a recipe for a healthy chocolate cookie.
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Segment 6
Stuffed Tenderloin of Beef
Stuffed Tenderloin of Beef
Chef Zov shares a recipe for beef tenderloin suffed with spinach, leeks and goat cheese.
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Photo Gallery
Photos: Transforming Sharon Carmona
Go behind the scenes as Sharon Carmona starts her journey to living a healthy lifestyle.
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