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Transforming Rubina Nalbandian

Ali Vincent, the first female winner of the Biggest Loser, gives a Live Big fan the opportunity of a lifetime. See how Rubina Nalbandian's lunch date with Ali turns into a chance for Rubina to finally get fit and live healthy. Ali will help Rubina learn to count calories as well as burn them.
Segment 1
The First Day of Forever
The First Day of Forever
What started out as a simple response to a Facebook post has become a chance of a lifetime for Rubina Nalbandian. She's ready to finally get fit and healthy, and Ali Vincent is showing her how to win big!
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Segment 2
Getting Started
Getting Started
Rubina's all set to get started on her Live Big journey, but because of her health concerns, slow and steady is the safest program for her.
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Segment 3
Learning to Live Big
Learning to Live Big
Ali Vincent's weight hit an all time high at 234 pounds before she finally decided she needed a change. Now, Ali's sharing what she learned during her weight loss journey and showing Rubina Nalbandian how to Live Big.
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Segment 4
Understanding Food
Understanding Food
Rubina Nalbandian is the newest participant to join the Live Big family. She's ready to live the life of her dreams and get healthy. She'll be sticking to a 2,000 calorie budget each day, so Ali has prepared a day's worth of food to show Rubina exactly what her meals can look like.
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Segment 5
Calorie Cutting Tip: Juice
Calorie Cutting Tip: Juice
Are you trying to lose weight so you decided to cut soda out of your diet? That's a great idea! But the problem is a lot of people will substitute it with juice.
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Photo Gallery
Photos: Rubina Gets Fit and Healthy
Check out the photos of Ali Vincent helping Rubina Nalbandian get fit and live healthy.
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