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Transforming Jennifer Tellers

To win the Biggest Loser, Ali Vincent had to give up the fast food she'd been eating all her life. Like Ali, Jennifer Tellers has a history of bad food choices. Now, Jennifer is turning to Ali to help her turn around her family's eating habits and get healthy.
Segment 1
Meet Jennifer
Meet Jennifer
Jennifer wants to do something about her unhealthy eating habits, and not just for herself, for her family too. She's also scared because of her family's history of diabetes. When Ali Vincent knocks on her door, Jennifer starts on her journey to Living Big.
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Segment 2
Cooking Lesson
Cooking Lesson
Jennifer is ready to make some lifestyle changes, but first she needs to learn how to cook. Ali asks her friend Chef Lala to come and help show Jennifer around the kitchen.
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Segment 3
In the Gym with Ali
In the Gym with Ali
Jennifer is starting to learn how to eat healthy. Now she needs to hit the gym to get back in shape. Ali makes sure that Jennifer isn't cutting any corners.
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Segment 4
Pushing Her Limits
Pushing Her Limits
To help Jennifer succeed, Ali sets her up with a personal trainer. Plus, Ali checks back in to see how far Jennifer is pushing herself.
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Photo Gallery
Behind-the-Scenes Photos: Jennifer Tellers
Take a look at some behind-the-scenes photos as Ali works to transform Jennifer Tellers.
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