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Transforming CeCe Arroyo

Ali Vincent first met CeCe Arroyo at a Live Big group hike. CeCe was moved to tears talking to Ali after the hike, now Ali is helping this stay-at-home mom live big.

CeCe Arroyo's life is one big rush hour. She has three little girls and a husband who is still in school. She's always on the go taking care of everybody else.

Ali met her about six months ago when she managed to carve out a little time for herself and came to a Live Big group hike.

Through some tears, CeCe told Ali that she loves who she is, but wanted to lose 10 pounds to start, then ultimately shed 50 pounds.

Ali thought a little pep talk was all she was going to need to get her on her way to Living Big. Days later, she hit a little detour.

CeCe did not lose those first 10 pounds and came to Ali for help to break the cycle, knowing Ali truly would understand, having done it herself.

It ended up that CeCe needed a little "Live Big" house call, at the gym.

For their first real workout together, Ali decided to take CeCe through something she calls "the big finish." It's what helped her win "The Biggest Loser" and this was the first time she had shared it with anyone else.

Ali's brother used to help her work out when she training in her weight loss phase, and he always finished our workouts with the big finish.

The big finish is hard because you're done, you're tired, you're spent, and you got to come in and do ten more minutes.

It's all core work so you can choose whatever you want as long as it's with your core.

Every step is done for a minute. You want to do as many as you can within that minute, but you have to do it the entire minute.

"I think Cece is adorable," Ali said. "I see in her how I felt when I decided to stand in line at the Biggest Loser."

After a Live Big group hike, CeCe Arroyo had plenty of drive, but somewhere along the road, she got stuck in neutral.

The next step on CeCe's journey to Living Big was finding the road that got her there, which called for a Live Big heart to heart.

CeCe talked to Ali about how she first started gaining extra weight after puberty when the body changes. She grew up with 12 kids and sometimes had to fend for herself, which doesn't always form the healthiest eating habits.

CeCe's mother was always running ragged and CeCe can see herself where her mother was, always giving.

"She has the biggest heart but I also saw where it didn't leave a lot of time for her," CeCe explained. "She was overweight the majority of her life as well and I think that's why I really want to break the cycle with me, make a change in my life so that my daughters' lives are different because she struggled with it and most of my family struggles with being obese."

CeCe told her mother about her participation in Live Big, but has never really talked to her about their weight issues, not wanting her mother to feel guilty about it.

After never being able to find the time to do what was needed to lose weight, CeCe said she was now willing to make the time.

Ali stressed that CeCe was not to go through the process simply to lose weight, but rather to change a lifestyle for the rest of her life by making those choices to live differently, to chose to live that way.

Among those choices are what to have in her cupboard and what to snack on and Ali helped CeCe prepare a low-calorie hummus with avocado.

The last time Ali met with CeCe a month prior, they went over the big finish work out.

Five different core exercises that you do for one minute each, then repeat two more times. It was the one thing Ali really stressed that CeCe to do after every workout. No exceptions and definitely no excuses.

Just before Ali met up with CeCe, Live Big producers had a chance to talk with her and they discovered a secret CeCe had been keeping.

"The big finish, I haven't incorporated that, it was tougher than I thought," says CeCe. "Hopefully this next month, I'll just go ahead and start adding that in."

As Ali and CeCe talked while on the treadmill, CeCe was happy to report that her daughter had already noticed a change.

"She's like, 'Look who's getting skinny,'" says CeCe.

CeCe grew up watching her own mother serve, her 12 children, as well as the community.

"I think I see a lot of myself in my mom, where we give and give and give to others, but we don't give back to ourselves and I want to break that cycle," CeCe said. "I want to have my girls understand there's a time to serve, and there's a time to give to others. But you have to make yourself the priority."

CeCe told Ali that she had finally had a talk with her mother, but it wasn't the big emotional outpouring that she had expected and had feared. She opened the door to communication and it felt freeing.

Ali shared a similar journey with her mom, who was there for her, but had a hard time admitting that it was okay for her mother to give to herself.

That experience gave them that time to spend together. There was anxiety to even admit that there were aspects her mother that Ali did not want to duplicate. I was not that she didn't love her mom, and she was not placing blame.

The big finish is something to end the workout and really start to work those muscles building our core muscle group and something that really helps to feel strong all the way around the block.

CeCe confessed to Ali that she had not been incorporating the big finish into her workouts, thinking it was something she needed to build up to.

Ali had not shared the big finish with anyone before and she was quite upset that CeCe did not follow through with it.

The big finish was an important part of Ali's journey on the Biggest Loser. Her brother pushed her to do this important aspect of her Biggest Loser journey. She told CeCe that it hurt her feelings that she shared it with her and that she essentially threw it out the window.

CeCe said she is mentally prepared to add it to her workout regimen and committed to doing the big finish.

All too often, the first steps in a new journey sometimes feel the most overwhelming, just like the big finish felt for CeCe. But that's because you're stepping out of your comfort zone. You're making real changes.

There are three things that Ali hopes you take away from CeCe's journey.

Number One: Get it off your chest! CeCe needed to share some feelings with her mom and Ali needed to share some with CeCe. Instead of letting them grow and get worse, they talked things out and moved on.

Number Two: It's OK to say "no." If you need time for yourself, or just a few moments to catch your breath or think, or whatever the reason, take it! You'll be refreshed and ready to face whatever challenges are ahead!

Number Three: Don't let life get in the way. Life is always going to find a way to interfere with your plans. You just need to get creative and find ways to work around the roadblocks. Just don't use them as an excuse to quit!

Segment 1
Meet CeCe Arroyo
Meet CeCe Arroyo
CeCe Arroyo is a stay-at-home mom who is always taking care of everyone but herself. After meeting CeCe at a Live Big group hike, Ali Vincent is now helping CeCe learn to take time for herself.
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Segment 2
Live Big Heart to Heart
Live Big Heart to Heart
Ali Vincent is putting CeCe Arroyo on the path to Living Big, which includes a personal trainer and some healthy snack ideas.
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Segment 3
Treadmill Talk
Treadmill Talk
One month into CeCe Arroyo's Live Big journey, Ali Vincent pays her a visit to get a workout in and see how CeCe's doing.
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Segment 4
The Big Finish
The Big Finish
Ali Vincent is checking in with new participant CeCe Arroyo to see if CeCe is doing everything that Ali is asking of her.
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Segment 5
A spicy hummus with avocado.
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Photo Gallery
Behind-the-Scenes Photos: CeCe Arroyo
Go behind the scenes as Ali helps stay-at-home mom CeCe Arroyo Live Big.
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