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Trail Of Dreams

One hundred pounds ago, Nicole Lizzarago was a woman dying to let loose and live the big life. These days, she won't let anything get in her way!

Having lost half of her body weight, Nicole has become very active. She loves spending time enjoying the outdoors. When Nicole and Ali met she also expressed her love of adventure and that she's a fan of the Live Well Network show Motion.

"I love being outdoors. I love the hiking. I just love where they go, exploring. It's just fun," says Nicole.

Now that Ali knows about Nicole's inner daredevil she has one last surprise, a road trip with Motion led by show host Greg Aiello.

This expedition is an exploration of Canyon Lands National Park in Utah. Led by Greg, the duo hike through beautiful vistas of spectacular canyons and breathtaking mesas and buttes.

Ali got to make Nicole's dreams come true.

"I think the reason I wanted to highlight Nicole on Live Big with Ali Vincent was just because she has taken this journey on herself," says Ali. "She's truly let nature and being outside help her to continue to stay fit and healthy and that is really what it's all about."

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Life After Weight Loss

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Meet Nicole Lizzarago
Meet Nicole Lizzarago
For Nicole Lizzarago a diet of fast-food, over-eating and always being on the run catapulted her to 240 pounds. After the sudden death of an overweight friend, Nicole got it together and dropped from a size 22 to 2. Ali wants to meet Nicole and find out how she did it.
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Taking The Next Step
Taking The Next Step
The sudden end of a budding relationship was just the reality check Nicole Lizzarago needed to get her health on track. She lost more than 100 pounds on her own, now Ali's helping her set new goals for the future.
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Hollywood Makeover
Hollywood Makeover
Nicole Lizzarago plunged into her own weight-loss program and achieved dramatic results. Ali's a big believer in rewarding yourself so she's got a few surprises for Nicole.
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Calorie Cutting Tip: Baking
Calorie Cutting Tip: Baking
Here is a secret to cutting calories when you are baking... if a recipe calls for oil, substitute it with apple sauce.
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