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S.O.S. Mentor Program

S.O.S. Mentor Program

The rate of childhood obesity continues to increase and many kids are suffering from adult-like problems because of it. It's a disturbing trend some are trying to reverse and Ali is joining the cause.

The days of diseases like heart disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure affecting only adults is a thing of the past. Now, thanks to the childhood obesity rate that has tripled and kids are suffering with these diseases as well. One solution to this problem is programs like S.O.S. Mentor Shape Up.

Hollywood High School is one of 30 schools taking part in the S.O.S. Mentor Shape Up Program. This program has a unique approach to nutrition and exercise and believes that kids can be influenced by other kids in a positive way. Ali visits Hollywood High to learn more.

"It's an afterschool program, 10-week program, we have adult mentors come in and teach the kids really basic stuff: eating balanced, they learn how to exercise and what that exercise is doing for and benefitting their bodies," says Emily Taron, Hollywood High School teacher. "Those high school kids go to an elementary school, teach that same cycle of nutrition lessons to those kids, so it's kind of a pass it on."

Teens Jasmine Barcia and Alex Yarza have both conquered their weight battles and participate in the S.O.S. program.

"Alex, do you remember how old you were when you realized you were heavy?" asks Ali.

"Yeah, I was 14 and I got to 220 pounds and it was just really bad," he says.

"What kind of health problems did you have at 14?" Ali asks.

"I was pre-diabetic, high cholesterol, high blood pressure. All those bad stuff," says Alex.

Jasmine Barcia weighed 180 pounds at her heaviest. At 11 years old, she was diagnosed with high cholesterol.

"Getting into this program helped me balance it out," Jasmine says.

"They taught us how to eat correctly, how to control your portions, just how to eat healthy stuff," says Alex.

"So first they mentor us, then we mentor little kids. I think it's like a two for one; you learn how to eat healthy but you also become a leader to teach little kids and little kids look up to you."

"I took the challenge to get my health back, so now they know that if I did it, they can do it also or whatever they want to do," Alex says.

For more information on S.O.S. Mentor Shape Up program please visit

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