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Planning for the Future

Planning for the Future

Alexandra and her husband are ready to start a family, and one of her goals is to lose the pounds so she can get pregnant at a healthier weight and avoid complications. So Ali surprises Alexandra with a visit from an OBGYN, Dr. Bryan Jick.

Consulting a physician is very important for a couple when they are trying to conceive. Ali's had the pleasure of being an Auntie three times over so she has the perfect surprise for Alexandra.

"I got a hold of an OBGYN to kind of give us some advice on what we should kind of look for and see if it really is true to the fact that having weight issues stops or prevents or makes pregnancy harder," says Ali.

"Well, the issue is a pregnancy that occurs in somebody who's heavy, is that considered a high risk pregnancy? The answer is yes," says Dr. Jick. "So when you are heavy and pregnant, it seems to increase the chance of certain complications."

According to Dr. Jick, if you're starting at a normal weight, 25 pounds is an ideal weight gain in pregnancy, which is only an additional 300 calories per day. He also advised Alexandra that during pregnancy her workout regimen should be reduced to mainly cardio, weight-lifting and core workouts should be minimized.

Transforming Alexandra Epstein

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Meet Alexandra
Meet Alexandra
Alexandra Epstein has started a new chapter of her life as a newlywed, but at 5''5' and 240 pounds, she feels that her weight is getting in the way of true happiness. Ali is going to help Alexandra overcome her weight loss struggles and achieve her physical and emotional happiness.
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Moving Past Tragedy
Moving Past Tragedy
Alexandra's day started with a surprise knock at her door from Ali Vincent. Now, Alexandra's telling all about her lifelong battle with being overweight.
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Pole Dance -- Fun and Fitness
Pole Dance -- Fun and Fitness
It's important for Alexandra to re-discover both her physical and emotional happiness. Armed with a trainer, a gym membership at 24 Hour Fitness, and solid advice from the doctor, Alexandra is well on her way to achieving her physical fitness goals. Now it's time for Ali to kick up the heat to help Alexandra feel sexy again.
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