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Overcoming Weight Loss Plateau

Complete Episode: Transforming Marcie Perez
Marcie Perez, 40, knows her way around a gym, but struggles with a plateau she hit nearly 20 years ago. It bothers her so much that she refuses to tell anyone how much she weighs. Three years after she shared her journey with America on 'The Biggest Loser,' Ali Vincent wants to help Marcie shake things up at the gym, revive her self confidence, and finally live the life she's always dreamt of.
Segment 1
Meet Marcie
Meet Marcie
Three years ago, Ali Vincent stepped onto a scale in front of millions of television viewers and became the first female to win 'The Biggest Loser.' Now, she's going to help 40-years-old Marcie Perez learn how to be comfortable in her own skin and overcome the weight plateau that has kept Marcie from living the big life for more than 20 years.
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Segment 2
Ladies Night with Ali
Ladies Night with Ali
Being on 'The Biggest Loser' gave Ali Vincent the knowledge to succeed, and allowed her to start living the big life she had always dreamed of, so Ali shared her secrets with Marcie.
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Segment 3
Marcie Hits the Gym
Marcie Hits the Gym
Overcoming a plateau isn't easy, and for Marcie it means tracking every move and every bite to get rid of the fat.
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Segment 4
Dancing Past the Plateau
Dancing Past the Plateau
Although she is diligent when it comes to working out, Marcie Perez has been struggling to overcome a plateau for almost 20 years. Ali knows the key to success is switching up your workout, and has a famous friend that wants to help Marcie dance away the calories and finally get over her plateau.
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