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Mother and Daughter in Trouble

Mother and Daughter in Trouble

Linda Hill and her daughter Veronika Williams are both drastically overweight, and they helped each other get there! Now, with Ali's help, they're going to help each other to get healthy. When Ali Vincent competed on the Biggest Loser she had her mom, Bette Sue, alongside her.

"We competed together and, not only that, she's the one who encouraged me to do the show to begin with," says Ali. "She knew I needed a major push to start living a new life."

The same can be said for Linda Hill, Live Big's newest participant who made a desperate plea for Ali's help.

"I weigh 250 pounds. I wasn't always fat. I had a fall and hurt my back, knees and shoulder. I am writing because I feel I am out of control." Linda writes. "Not only do I have problems, but my daughter outweighs me by about 100 pounds and I want to be able to help her, too."

Food is an emotional crutch for Linda and her daughter Veronika and for years they have enabled each other.

"We hide and eat and if you have to hide to eat something, that's not a good thing," says Linda. "It's a comfort. It doesn't talk back to you. It doesn't yell at you. It's there and it's comforting."

"We're both just horrible influences on each other," Veronika says.

Comfort food has developed into a health crisis.

"I just want to be healthier. I'm taking care of my mother who's 87 and she has a multitude of health problems and I don't want to be that person in 30 years," says Linda.

"I'm afraid that I'm going to die and leave my kids without a mom," says Veronika.

"I don't want to outlive my daughter," says Linda. "And I think her health is number one important because of her three children. She needs to be there for them."

With Ali's help, Linda and Veronika are ready to break the cycle of food abuse and make some drastic changes.

"Veronika, are you in? Do you want to do this," asks Ali.

"I am. I am ready to change this. I am ready to make this commitment and make this my new life," Veronika says.

"Absolutely, I am in it for me, for us, and for our future and our health" says Linda.


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