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Live Big 30 Day Challenge: Day 9

Live Big 30 Day Challenge: Day 9

It's day nine of your Live Big 30 Day Challenge.

We are focusing on strength training today. For your 10-minute warm up, march in place for one minute and then do jumping jacks for one minute. Continue doing that for 10 minutes.

Grab your dumbbells or if you don't have any, go to your cupboard and grab some cans.

Here's your circuit for today. Do as many of these as you can for one minute. When you finish all of the exercises, take a minute rest and then repeat this set four more times. When you are finished you will have completed five sets.

Weighted Sumo Squats
Take a dumbbell in each hand, holding it to the side, and then stand with your toes slightly turned out and your feet about hip distance. Squat till your thighs are parallel with the ground and then come up.

Weighted Lunges
Take a dumbbell in each hand, holding it to the side, and walk through your lunge, stepping forward and then bending your front leg until it is parallel with the ground. Stand up and then switch legs.

Wood Choppers
You're going to take a dumbbell in both hands, then you're going to stand with your legs shoulder width apart. You're going to place your arms to your right side and sit back into a squat. Then we're going to press up and across, putting the weight over our left shoulder and then returning. After this set, you should repeat on the opposite side.

Planks and Walking Planks
Hold the plank position for one set, then alternate to a walking plank. For a walking plank you start in the plank position with your elbows on the ground and then walk one hand up and then the other to straight arm position. Then, return back to the plank with your elbows on the ground.

Sit Ups
These are the same as crunches, except you're going to sit up all the way, making sure that your feet stay on the ground and that you're not rocking your way up. Use your abs.

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