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Live Big 30 Day Challenge: Day 4

Live Big 30 Day Challenge: Day 4

It's day four of your Live Big 30 Day Challenge.

Today, you are doing strength training. You should always start your workouts with a warm up. Do 10 minutes of butt kicks before starting this set of strength training exercises.

Once you're warmed up, do each of the following exercises for one minute and do as many as you can. When you finish the set, rest for one minute and then do four more sets. When you are finished you will have completed five sets.

Sumo Squats
Stand with your toes slightly turned out and your feet about hip distance. Squat till your thighs are parallel with the ground and then come up.

Walking Lunges
Walk through your lunge, stepping forward and then bending your front leg until it is parallel with the ground. Stand up and then switch legs.

Trree Poses
Start in a standing position, placing the sole of your right foot on the inside of your left thigh. You want to press your hands together and hold that. If you feel strong in this, you can raise your hands all the way up. After holding this move for a full minute, switch legs for your next set.

Side Planks
Lie on one side, raise your body off the ground, and balance yourself on your forearm and the side of your bottom foot. Alternate sides for each set.

Leg Lifts
Laying on your back, contract your abs lifting your legs to a 90-degree angle so that your toes are pointing towards the ceiling, then lower your legs, stopping right before hitting the floor, then repeat. Make sure your abs are contracted so that your spine remains on the floor the entire exercise.

That last set gets tough but push through it. Remember, you can do anything for one minute. Live Big!

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