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Live Big 30 Day Challenge: Day 2

Live Big 30 Day Challenge: Day 2

It's day two of the Live Big 30 Day Challenge.

Today, we are strength training but first you should start out with a 10-minute warm up. You don't have to do anything fancy -- just march in place for 10 minutes.

When you are warmed up, you can start the workout. You are going to do circuit training! Do each of the following exercises for one minute and do as many as you can within that minute. When you finish the set, rest for one minute and then do four more sets. When you are finished you will have completed five sets.

When doing squats you want your feet to be shoulder width apart. If you think about keeping the weight in your heels and your toes up, it'll help make sure that your knees don't go past your toes when you sit back into your squat. Squatting down until your thighs are parallel with the floor and then back up is the move.

When you think about doing lunges, start with your feet together. You're going to be stepping forward as far as you can, making sure your back is straight. Once you step forward you're going to bend down until your leg is parallel with the floor. Step back into the starting position and repeat with the opposite leg.

Ankle Twists
Stand with your legs together and you're going to take one leg and make a 90-degree angle with it bent. Then you're going to take that arm and reach across your body, squatting down and touching the outside of your other foot.

Lie face down, rest your upper body on your forearms with your palms flat on the floor. Tuck your toes under and lift your hips and torso off the floor so that your weight is on your forearms and toes. Keep your spine parallel to the floor. Hold the plank for 60 seconds.

Lying on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor with your toes pointed forward, placing your hands behind your head, draw your navel towards your spine and slowly curl up your head, neck and shoulders off the floor towards your thighs.

You can do it. Make sure to Live Big!

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