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Live Big 30 Day Challenge: Day 18

Live Big 30 Day Challenge: Day 18

It's day 18 of your Live Big 30 Day Challenge.

Today, you are working on strength training.

Start with your warm up first -- jump rope for 10 minutes. Jumping rope burns about 11 calories per minute. But if you crank up the intensity you can actually double that burn. After you're good and warmed up, get right into the strength training sets.

Do the following exercises for a minute and do as many as you can within that minute. When you are finished with the set, rest for one minute and then repeat the set four more times. When you are finished you will have completed five sets.

Wall Sits with Weighted Lateral Raises
Find a wall and sit back in it until your legs are parallel to the ground. Take a weight in each hand and lift them directly in front of your chest one at a time.

Weighted Walking Lunges
Take a dumbbell in each hand, holding it to the side, and walk through your lunge, stepping forward and then bending your front leg until it is parallel with the ground. Stand up and then switch legs.

Chest Press with Ball
Roll out on the ball with the dumbbells in hand. Start in the bent elbow position, and then raise the dumbbells to an outstretched position just above your chest, with your arms straight and your palms facing each other. Repeat this for the entire minute.

Plank with Weighted Rows
Hold dumbbells in each hand and raise into the plank position. Then you're going to alternate your arms, pulling the weight into your chest and returning it back to the pushup position.

Triceps Kickbacks
A triceps kick back is when you're holding a lunge position and with the opposite arm, put a weight in your hand, leaning forward, bend your elbow, and then you're going to kick back your arm until your arm is parallel with the ground. Make sure to engage your abs to protect your lower back. Bring it back and repeat. Switch sides with each set.

You're going to feel amazing when you are done with this program. Live big everyone!

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