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Getting Started

Getting Started

Linda and Veronika have to get a doctor's all clear before they can start their workout program. Both women have to start off slowly and build up their physical fitness levels. Once they get the thumbs up it's off to the gym.

Linda's starting weight is 253 pounds. In addition to the excess weight she's also nursing some physical injuries from a bad fall years ago. Her daughter, Veronika, is starting off at 340 pounds with 46 percent body fat. Her goal is to reduce her body fat percentage to 30 percent. To help these women along in their fitness journeys Ali has set them up with 24 Hour Fitness trainers.

"I feel like I've got an army of women right here. So Linda, you're going to actually be trained by Lisa. And Veronika, Liz is going to be your savior and trainer," says Ali.

Even though Linda and Veronika joined Live Big together, it's important that they both have their own personal trainers to ensure they have their own experience.

24 Hour Fitness is giving each of the woman the 50 personal training sessions. For more information visit

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