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Competitive Couple

Six months ago, Ali introduced you to Rande and Rebecca Hooten -- a husband and wife who were ready to get in shape. But was their friendly competition too much to handle?

There's one thing Ali has learned when it comes to weight loss -- everyone needs to expect the unexpected. Ali thought our first husband versus wife weight loss challenge was going to be friendly competition but she was wrong. It's been six months since Rande and Rebecca Hooten started their Live Big competition and today it's time for their six month weigh-in.

"I would have liked to have hit a certain mark which I don't think I did, but it will be close" says Rande.

Rebecca adds, "A little bit nervous. I wanted to be a bit farther."

Their son Austin is more optimistic, "I'm very excited for my parents, I think they worked hard and lost quite a bit of weight."

After saying their hellos, Ali notices that Rebecca is starting to cry.

"What's going on?" Ali asks.

"I just like when we do things together, not compete," answers Rebecca.

Six months ago, Rebecca wrote to Ali and, just like Ali, she revealed that she found her motivation in competition. Ali was the first female to win the Biggest Loser. Once she got on the show, there was no way Ali wasn't walking away without the title and it was a similar competition where Rebecca found her weight loss success.

"I started working out here and there but was never consistent. It wasn't until the city of Upland started their own Biggest Loser contest that I became committed. For some reason if it's a contest. I can do well," explains Rebecca."But I don't want it to be just for a contest, I want it to be life long."

"Make it a lifestyle instead of just a three month competition," adds Rande.

Both Rande and Rebecca wanted to get healthy -- especially for their son, Austin. Rebecca reveals that Rande's dad died at the age of 47. Rebecca is 45 and Rande is 46.

Ali set the Hootens up with a year-long membership at 24 Hour Fitness and their own personal trainers.

Once the competition was on, Rande pushed himself hard so Rebecca couldn't catch up.

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