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Checking in with Alexandra -- The 6-Month Mark

When Ali first met Alexandra, she was a newlywed, deep in love with her husband but not her own body. With Ali's help, Alexandra started pushing herself and trying new things. Now six months later, Ali checks in to see if Alexandra has dropped the weight and picked up a new love for herself.
Segment 1
Alexandras Story
Alexandra's Story
Before Ali walked into her life, Alexandra's weight was out of control following a personal tragedy. Now with Ali's help Alexandra learns to push herself to new levels.
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Segment 2
Pursuing Her Dreams
Pursuing Her Dreams
Alexandra Epstein's weight had become a source of frustration and emotional pain.
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Segment 3
Taking It To the Next Level
Taking It To the Next Level
Alexandra is pursuing her dream job and learning to push her body to the next level. She's also making Live Big friends.
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Segment 4
Hula Hoops and Scales
Hula Hoops and Scales
It's weigh in day, but before stepping on the scale Ali wants to have some fun with Alexandra. They've done zumba, spin and circuit training, now it's time to try Hoopnotica, a fat-burning hoop workout.
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Behind the Scenes with Alexandra Epstein
Go behind the scenes as Ali Vincent helps Alexandra Epstein live big!
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