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Bye, Bye Bad Habits!

Linda Hill and her daughter Veronika Williams are in need of an extreme makeover to their diet. Ali's showing this duo healthier ways to enjoy their favorite foods.

"You guys are foodies but we're going to think of food differently. We're going to think of the calories. We're going to think of what kind of energy it's giving us," says Ali.

"These are six donuts for 360 calories. Then you guys tend to go to Del Taco," says Ali. "1,205 calories for your meal right here, so we're going to get rid of this because we don't want this anywhere near us anymore. Bye Del Taco! Bye donuts! No more of these."

Ali is a big believer of not holding back, but living differently, more consciously; living big. As an alternative to donuts she introduces Linda and Veronika to an 80 calorie raisin bread.

"I happen to usually go for Ezekiel because it's sprouted grain bread. Those calories last in your system and give you that energy that you need to sustain longer," she says. "This is a great alternative to that sweetness but also that bready feeling of a donut. You know, I mean come on, it's not like a powdered donut but a powdered donut got us to over 300 pounds right?"

Ali suggests thinking about how many calories you are saving when you eat something healthy. She believes it tastes better when you do that.

"And it feels better afterwards. You don't feel sick afterwards," says Linda.

"Yea, you have more energy," says Ali.

Another guilty pleasure for the mom-daughter duo is Del Taco.

"OK, so tacos. This is my favorite because I love Mexican food," says Ali. "I know you like the two tacos and you like a cheese quesadilla. I put four ounces of the taco meat, which I divided into the two tacos and then I put the cabbage and the avocado and together it's 295," says Ali.

Using a corn tortilla and string cheese Ali also made a 90 calorie quesadilla for Veronika.

"I want each of you to try my tacos. Grab one each and have a bite and tell me what you think," says Ali.

"Oh man, that's yummy!" says Veronika.

"And it's so filling right? And that cabbage, by adding the cabbage, you're basically like adding hardly any calories but it gives you that bulk," says Ali. "It doesn't feel like you're not eating and I'm a bulk kind of girl."

"There's so much flavor in the tacos. You don't need cheese on them," Veronika says.

"Exactly. One of my favorite sayings which I hope you guys start to use is "If you can't taste it, don't waste it," says Ali.

"That's a good idea," says Linda.

Ali says part of eating healthy is making sure we know the calorie value for everything that goes in our mouth. You cannot do it if you do not have measuring cups, tablespoons and food scales.

Ali gives Linda and Veronika a quick lesson in calorie counting and measuring out their foods. She got them a food scale, too.

"It's really basic. You just have to take the time to look at the label or take the time to weigh it out. And writing everything down."

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