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Amber Teaches Ali Pilates

Ali Vincent is at home in Spokane, Washington, showing us a little bit of her personal life. That includes quality time with her sister Amber at her Pilates studio. Although Ali makes her home in Spokane, she's constantly on the go!

Ali travels the country as a television personality and motivational speaker but life can get pretty hectic on the road. So how does she stay in shape?

Back home in Spokane, Ali likes to unwind with Pilates.

"This is my sister Amber's Precision Pilates studio and I come here every single day I'm in Spokane. I'm actually home, I have privates, matt classes, spin classes scheduled here and if Amber has her way, I'm here all day," says Ali.

Ali and Amber are twin sisters.

"I think it's funny because I think a lot of people don't really understand machines and stuff in pilates because they think of pilates just as matt classes which is important but not, they look at these and it's like it's a torture device versus the difference in strength and stuff, you know," says Ali.

"Well you know it's really important to have that strong foundation on the matt and then take it and just adding the resistance of the springs allows for you to control completely different," says Amber.

Amber enjoys having Ali in the Pilates studio with her.

"Ali's a great client, not always the best student but a great client," says Amber. "I think that a lot of times, she anticipates what I'm going to say and so it's from that aspect when we're working privately, it's easier. From the aspect of when she's in a room with nine other students for a matt class or 4 other students for a reformer class, often we want to wait till it comes out of the mouth to move."

"Or when I remind you," says Ali.

"Oh she reminds me things all the time&oh did you maybe mean to say this? Or I think this cue is best because it really helped me the other day," says Amber.

"I think I know best is what the problem is and then she has me in every single class and so I get to know the classes of the week and so then I like yeah," says Ali.

"Well once I get her here I just want to get it all done because honestly so often she's out there doing the push, the push, the push, the push, and not fine tuning her body," says Amber. "So basically when she hits town, I like to undo what she's done and get her back to good, good form."

To find out more about classes offered at Amber's Pilates Studio visit

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