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Ali's Family Barbeque

Ali Vincent is giving us a look inside her personal life at home. Now it's time for a barbeque and Ali shows us how she celebrates with her family.

When Ali Vincent won the Biggest Loser, she lost 112 pounds and gained a new life. And with that new life comes new challenges, like how to survive a family barbeque while surrounded by all the food in the world.

"Usually it's always overboard so like steak, chicken, fish, shrimp, all at once. Just like, really we don't really need all of that. So we're working on you know, calming them down. One or two choices," says Ali.

Ali usually tries to eat before she goes to a family party so she doesn't eat too many calories.

"Typically I try not to be so hungry when there's an abundance of food but just try to eat a lot of vegetables, you know veggie load whatever it is. Fruit's a good option. This is dangerous and I've already dug in twice so two different chips but, so I just have to make sure I watch that," says Ali.

Ali's family is trying to teach the kids good eating habits.

"My family is really considerate too. Tey're healthy naturally. You know because Amber tries to teach her kids differently than we were taught. Not that we were taught to be unhealthy, we just didn't think about it, you know what I mean, and so she's really aware of the different calories and so the kids are and they have really good diets as well," says Ali.

"Ali really has introduced a whole bunch of cooking, different kind of food choices for us you know. She's pretty careful about what she eats and how she prepares it, so it's taught us an awful lot," says Brian.

"I'm having tacos, the chicken fajita tacos with a little bit of black beans, some quinoa. My Arizona shells, which are 60 calories for two, and the slaw. The thing about when you do fajita style, you got the onions and the peppers and then you can put the slaw on and so you really don't need that much of the chicken," says Ali.

Ali likes to indulge at family parties but just not too much.

"I'm not trying to like be really particular in my calories when I go into a celebration but I definitely don't want to over eat. And I want to make sure that if I am really hungry, like today when I showed up I was like I'm starving. I like to show up and have it ready for me, no I'm just kidding. That's how they think, they're like Ali it's not a restaurant, it's our house," says Ali. "Definitely stay conscious of how much I'm eating but not really like worry about it but my family is healthy, you know, I was the unhealthy one. I was the one that would've just had just cheese," says Ali.

Ali's Big Three:

1. There's no place like home, so make your home your sanctuary. Surround yourself with family, friends and everything that makes you happy.

2. Explore your surrounding areas. There are plenty of events and activities right in your Bloomsday here in Spokane. Get out and find them and have fun.

3. Indulge, just don't overindulge. At family gatherings you can have a little of everything, just don't go overboard.

Ali At Home

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