Live Big with Ali Vincent Episodes

Ali's 500 Calorie Dinner Party

Using what she bought at the store, Ali Vincent shows you how to throw a dinner party serving up less than 500 calories per guest. Plus, Ali explains the importance of open communication and a support system when trying to lead a healthy life.

Before her weight loss, Ali was used to buying and eating prepackaged and fast food. She shares a recipe for the dish she says won her 'The Biggest Loser,' spaghetti-less spaghetti. Using the vegetables she bought fresh at the store and a regular can of tomato sauce, Ali's sauce is low on calories and big on flavor. Instead of carbohydrate loaded pasta, pour a cup of the sauce over spaghetti squash. For less than 500 calories, you can't beat the flavor and your friends will have a blast. Click here for the recipe.

Ali's big three from this week:
1) Admit to yourself you need to make a change.
2) Exercise where you can.
3) Make time for yourself.

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