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Ali and Bette-Sue Try Yoga Spin Class

Ali and Bette-Sue Try Yoga Spin Class

For their next Live Big challenge, Ali and Bette-Sue head to a Los Angeles fitness studio where they try a challenging class that combines spin and yoga. If they do well, they'll be rewarded with a shopping spree, but Bette-Sue struggles to keep up.

Ali Vincent and her mom Bette-Sue have been keeping a secret for years until now. Today, Bette- Sue has something to say that isn't easy.

"It isn't the matter of telling the truth. It's a matter of telling the whole truth," says Bette-Sue.

Now that the day has finally come, Bette-Sue is feeling overwhelmed with these sudden emotions. It's a difficult confession, but Ali is right by her mother's side giving her the support she needs. Since being on the Biggest Loser, Bette-Sue has always been an open book except for this one part of her life.

"Just under a year after the Biggest Loser, I was offered a free bariatric surgery, and I went and had a gastric sleeve," she says.

Bette-Sue explains the surgical procedure, which essentially reduced the size of Bette-Sue's stomach from 80 ounces to 8 ounces. By having this surgery, Bette- Sue was able to lose the last 50 pounds.

"When you have a little bitty stomach, instead of a big stomach, you get full faster," says Bette-Sue.

She never wanted to reveal the surgery to anyone because of the taboo surrounding bariatric surgery.

"So many people think that that's the cheater's way," says Bette-Sue.

But once Bette-Sue first told Ali, Ali was very hurt and upset. Ali never wanted anyone to know about her mother's stomach surgery because Bette-Sue is a reflection of her.

"I thought, 'How can anything I say be relevant if I can't even get my mom on board?'" says Ali.

But looking back, Ali realized she was being selfish. She never understood her mother's reasons for the surgery, but now she thinks differently. Ali is very supportive of her mother's choice because Bette-Sue is happier now. Her mom is no longer living a life where she's constantly beating up on herself because of her weight and feeling invisible.

"People would not see me because of my heaviness," says Bette-Sue. "I got to experience the prejudice to fat people. I saw it first hand, and it's a horrible thing."

Although it worked for Bette-Sue, she encourages people to talk to their doctor first for more information. Bariatric surgery is a very serious procedure that may not work for all people.

"If that's the choice you make to go have assistance medically, then so be it," says Bette-Sue. "I'm much happier."

Ali explains that having bariatric surgery isn't an easy way out.

"Having bariatric surgery doesn't mean you get to eat whatever you want," she says. "In fact, you have to be more mindful about what you eat."

Now that the truth is exposed, Ali knows she will get backlash for this. She's knows how hurtful these comments can be so Ali is ready to defend her mom. But while Ali is talking, she notices her mother crying.

"I don't want you to have to defend anything because of me," Bette-Sue says, through tears.

But Ali says her mom is always there to defend her from negative comments, and she reassures Bette-Sue that by sharing her story she can educate others to not be afraid anymore.

"By sharing your story, it's going to be able to open up so many worlds of possibility for people that have struggled and felt our pain at the heavier weights and wanting to just find some way feel better about themselves," says Ali.

Bette-Sue says other people's criticism has been the hardest part of the whole process.

"I never had any fear of surgery - having it or having it done," she says. "I only had fear of people's judgments. I'm just happier that I don't struggle with my weight."

But Ali believes the choice was right for her mom, even though it's not for her.

Bette-Sue tells another emotional family story about her sister who died of cancer at 58. She had been thinking about getting bariatric surgery, but hadn't yet done it when she died.

"I wish with all my heart that she had had the surgery because then she would have recognized that she had this massive tumor in her abdominal section that she couldn't even see or feel because she was so obese," says Bette-Sue.

After an emotional conversation between mother and daughter, Ali tells her mom how proud she is of her. By confessing this secret, Ali and Bette-Sue hope they can break the taboo around bariatric surgery and maybe educate others.

Today's Live Big surprise sends Ali and Bette-Sue to YAS Fitness Center in Downtown Los Angeles where they meet fitness instructor Kimberly Fowler. Kimberly informs the ladies they'll be taking a yoga and spin class. The first class is a half hour spin followed by a half hour yoga class.

Ali is very excited for today's workout, especially the spin class.

"I love to spin. I'm a spinning pro!" she says.

Better-Sue on the other hand, has her worries.

"Is this going to kill me? If I'm a non exerciser?"

But Kimberly assures Bette-Sue that she'll be fine and that the class will be fun.

Before starting the class, Kimberly shares her inspiring story. She was a tri-athlete for many years, but was in an accident where she was hit by a car in a bike race. Kimberly started taking yoga classes for rehab and fell in love with the practice.

Before the class starts, the Live Big Producer informs them that they get to go on a shopping spree if they both try their very best in these classes. Bette-Sue is a little skeptical, but she says she'll try.

Once spin class begins, Bette-Sue is exhausted and doesn't think she can keep going. At one point, Bette-Sue spits out her water on the floor, and Ali is mortified. They continue to push through and work up a great sweat. After being put through a grueling spin class, Ali and her mom Bette-Sue are getting ready to take on a yoga class. But before they do, they learn more about Kimberly's inspiring journey.

Kimberly tells them she was once diagnosed with a life threatening brain tumor where she was given only 6 months to live. But Kimberly wouldn't accept that diagnosis.

"No, that's not going to happen and in fact I'm going to go far beyond where I've ever been," she says.

Kimberly decided to fight for her life, and she began doing triathalons. It was evident that Kimberly's passion was in fitness, especially yoga and spin, so she decided to open up her own studio and put yoga and spinning together. After hearing Kimberly's story, Ali and Bette-Sue were both left in awe of her courageous spirit.

As the yoga class begins, Bette-Sue is struggling with her balance. She can't seem to hold the yoga poses like Ali. Bette-Sue then starts complaining and making excuses, which frustrates Ali. Ali reminds her mom about the shopping spree reward, and suddenly Bette-Sue tries harder.

As the yoga class is coming to an end, the ladies enjoy a nice cool down session. This yoga class was an unbelievable experience for both Ali and Bette-Sue because they met an incredible woman, who beat the odds. Kimberly is a great example of Living Big because she proved quitting should never be the answer to your problems. Her story encouraged Ali and Bette-Sue to continue living big no matter what obstacles come their way.

To find out more about Kimberly and Yoga and Spin for Athletes, please visit

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